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27 pages

What does a good creative strategy look like?

Where do I get started?

Learn the crucial elements of creative testing on the App Store, and where you should focus your efforts.

How do I make it systematic?

Iteratively improve your App Store presence using all the tools at your disposal. Discover the merits of each approach depending on your situation.

Why do I need a creative strategy?

  1. Improve funnel performance
  2. Iterate on the creative that works
  3. Implement the strategy that works for you
  4. Stay ahead of the competition
“Before testing anything, we aim at understanding where the store listing stands on the user journey: was he scrolling on Facebook? Did he search for the app on the stores after seeing a TV ad? This will tell us more about the role of the page: convince or confirm”
Aude Boscher

What will you learn?


How to test on the App Store

We breakdown the options available to run tests on creative in the App Store and their benefits/drawbacks


What you need to optimise

We provide a breakdown of your App Store Product Page and let you know what is available to test


What metrics to track

We provide an insight into the metrics available for optimisation


What constitutes a great strategy?

We ask leaders in the industry what they consider when building their creative strategy


Have any questions?

1. What is being optimised?

An intro to the App Store Product Page, and the elements that should be tested.

2. How to test on the App Store

A look into the three main ways to run tests on your App Store listing, and a discussion of the merits of each (hint: it depends on your situation!)

3. What is good optimisation?

A look into what constitutes a good creative optimisation strategy, including some thoughts from industry leaders.

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“A good creative optimisation strategy is data-driven and iterative, but still allows enough room for some bolder exploration (“Iterative” does not need to be synonymous with “small”, as many ASO practitioners believe). There should be some room for failure - that’s the nature of the experimentation which forms such a critical part of ASO”
Stuart Miller
Design lead, Phiture

Who should download this eBook?

Growth managers

App Store experimentation is an essential element of your marketing mix

ASO leads

A good creative experimentation strategy can make a big difference to your ASO performance

Performance marketers

You optimise your Facebook creative obsessively, so why don't you do it for your App Store creative?